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Here is a small sample of the feedback that we have received from hundreds of visitors. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful words of support and encouragement.


Your efforts with these lessons are really appreciated. They are easy to follow. In fact this is the first 'easy to learn linux' that I have found on the net after 6 months searching.
T. Brow

This material is very well done. It’s some of the very best Linux training material I’ve seen. I love this format.
M. Newman

Excellent!!  I sat down today and tried to go through my Linux for Dummies, and after one hour of learning nothing, came to the conclusion that I am a dummy! I googled online Linux and came to your site.  I learned so much in 20 minutes, I cannot believe it!!!!!! Good job and I look forward to more.
A. Hirst

I really enjoyed your site, and learned a lot from your Linux Survival Tutorial.  I commend for your hard work, and please keep it up.  Linux Survival rocks.

Just wanted to send you a quick note about the Linux Survival Guide. I thought it was fantastic! I learned Linux in college but needed to brush up on my skills for a new job. I found this guide VERY handy for doing just that. I even learned a few new things in the process! Thank you very much for putting this together - it is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to learn Linux for the first time, or trying to quickly refresh their memory. Thanks a million!
J. Williams

This is the best tutorial page I have ever seen.

I just wanted to thank you for this assistance in Linux. I am taking a college class and usually consider myself fairly intelligent, but this course made no sense to me at all. Anyway, this was clear and concise and a wonderful tool to explain the basics of the world of Linux. I have recommended it to several others who are struggling in my class. Thank you for taking the time to make this available for us.
D. Miracle

I found the first 3 modules of the Linux Survival course to be very helpful. I thought they were presented in a very easy-to-understand manner and the interactive nature and quizzes helped to reinforce the new commands I learned. Well done!
D. DeLeo

The first three were absolutely brilliant. For me, a beginner they were spot on. I particularly liked the way they were put into 'real' situations, as opposed to 'to copy a file type this....to print type this'. Excellent.
J. Watson

The idea of teaching OS thru a simulator is a great one.
But the way you accomplished it EXCELLENT.
When I installed Red Hat Linux a couple of days ago (my first contact with Linux by the way), I had no idea where to start. Now after less then an hour with Linux Survival  I think I`ve got the basics and even remember all concepts I was able to practice.
W. Faliszewski

Thank you friends, your tutorials were informative, presented in a straight forward and friendly manner, and I merely wish that there were more people out there in the world who can be so forthcoming and giving as to give the rest of us a hand up.
S. Carter

I've searched the net high and low looking for a good Linux newbie tutorial, but to no avail. Finally, I came across your site. This is great!
L. Bradshaw

I learned more in a couple of hours than I did in 10's of hour researching in books.
V. Furfaro

Hands down this is the best Linux tutorial/primer that I have ever read.

This site is great!! What a pleasant experience, and the information was 'useable' and fun to learn with this method!
G. Mitchell

I am currently trying to learn linux, and i stumbled upon this site.  I found it to be the easiest, most efficient way to learn this.  It doesnt tell you EXACTLY what to write like the java books, nor does it leave you in the dark like a manual.
A. Heck

I'm currently a student just finishing an online course and after going through your first module--you win!!!
J. Neilson

I am too new to Linux. After installing the so called Red Hat Linux I just didnt know what else to do.I just stumbled on your website and I am simply too excited with what I saw.GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT  WORK!!!!!!!!!!!.My fears for Linux have gone forever!!!
K. Odu

Wow!!! Thanks so much, what a great tool!!!
J. Merz

I would like to extend my thanks to you for creating such brilliant and user friendly tutorials that let users get a real grasp and first hand experience on the Linux system as learning it does not appear to be the easiest task without such help.
L. Milbourne

I looked at several Intro Linux sites, but your's caught my attention best. Letting the user be able to type in and practice (repeatedly if need be) was helpful to me. I thought the tutorial was excellent.
J. H. Watson

I did not get bored once in the whole tutorial.
E. Rios
[Editor's Note: This is perhaps the highest compliment of all. :-) ]



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